Hank Henningsen, CMCA®, AMS®


Hank has over 22 years' experience in HOA, condominium, townhome, and mixed-use community management. He started in his early 20s with The Colorado Property Management Group based out of Aurora, Colorado. At the beginning of his career, he specialized in high-rise condominium complexes in the lower downtown Denver area. After receiving the CMCA® (Certified Manager of Community Associations) and AMS® (Association Management Specialist) credentials through Community Associations Institute, he owned and operated Priority Community Management and Summit Association Management for many years in the Denver area. During his time in Colorado, Hank oversaw thousands of units and managed physical assets worth more than $300M. At one point, he was the only adviser for HOA management processes for the Tom Martino Troubleshooting Network. During that time, he advised boards of directors all across the country.

Amanda Collins

Director of Operations

Amanda is a dynamic professional with over 15 years’ experience in the customer service industry and 5+ years' experience in marketing, developing, and branding businesses. Amanda’s vast background and innate ability to connect with people span several industries, from retail health promotion to real estate.

Drew Thomas

Executive Assistant & Community Adviser

Born, raised, and educated in Tulsa County, Drew thrives in the world of HOA management. As an integral part of the Oklahoma HOA Consulting team, Drew embodies the spirit of innovation and commitment.

Shira Keith

Executive Assistant

Shira has worked in the service industry for two and a half years, gaining management and leadership training. Shira loves the culture at Oklahoma HOA Consulting, is eager to learn all she can about HOA advising and management, and thrives on connecting with and helping homeowners, vendors, and boards.

Cole Taylor

Community Manager

A crucial member of the OKHOAs team, Cole is a highly adaptable, hardworking administrative professional with a keen eye for detail. The skills he has honed over the past six years in diverse positions of responsibility, where he excelled at data analytics, customer service, problem-solving, managing legal documentation, and overseeing up to two dozen employees, serve him well as a community manager.

Katie Keller

Assistant Community Manager

Katie comes to Oklahoma HOA Consulting with over a decade of experience in public relations, crisis management, and marketing. A vibrant OU graduate with a degree in mass communications, she excels at connecting with diverse groups of people, facilitating open and effective dialogue, and finding common ground. She is excited to provide homeowners and their boards the best service possible.

Aaron Henningsen * Precious Stone

Director of Compliance

Aaron (any pronouns) is a young soul with a fiery passion. Through a plethora of hardships throughout his/her life, he/she has acquired a passion for equity, mercy, compassion, and ethics. Aaron, just like everyone at OKHOAs, is simply too deep a person to fit on one page.

Eve Henningsen

Relationship Director & Back Office Coordinator

As a behind-the-scenes coparent of Oklahoma HOA Consulting, Eve is eager to see the vision she and Hank share take shape as communities come together and prosper. She is passionate about meeting needs, easing tensions, facilitating authentic connection, and serving/seeing the greatness in all people.