Oklahoma HOA Consulting Services Provided with a Compliance-Only Contract

Web Portal

  • Establish web portal for use of owners and board members
  • Real-time access to your account’s compliance status
  • Architectural Control Request Managed through portal
  • Email Blasts


  • Prepare Meeting Agenda
  • Attendance at two meetings per year to develop policies
  • Attendance at annual meeting of the membership

Homeowner Communication

  • Phone calls returned within 24 hours
  • Email Communication, returned within 24 hours
  • Community Email blasts

Development of Compliance policies, and procedures

Files Maintenance

  • Maintain Compliance Records for Association
  • Maintain ARC Records for the Association and Lots

Board Assistance

  • Review and recommendations in forming or amending the governing documents.
  • Board Member Training
  • Board Planning Sessions to Prepare for Meetings and Events
  • Architectural Change Process Facilitation and Notification
  • Legal updates through the association’s attorney
  • Architectural Change Process Facilitation and Notification


  • Development of compliance policies according to Oklahoma standards
  • Monthly Inspections and reports
  • Digital Photos of Every Violation when applicable.
  • Letters and Follow-up to Noncompliant Homeowners 
  • Third-Party/In house compliance cures for HOA’s who are “self-help compliant”